About Shellies

Why Breastfeeding Seashells?

Breastfeeding isn’t always the natural, easy and blissful bonding experience you expect.
For most women the first few weeks to months of breastfeeding are difficult - and sometimes very painful. Nipples become sore, they often dry up, which can lead them to crack.
The typical remedies include creams and ointments used in conjunction with cotton or bamboo pads to prevent chaffing from clothes and leakage.
Shellies Breastfeeding Seashells® is a simpler and more natural way to soothe and protect your nipples to give you a more peaceful start to nursing.
They create a cocoon where your nipple, breastmilk and the mother of pearl shell happily co-exist.
They are also beautiful objects and a reminder of a very special time with your baby.

A Personal Venture

Like most women, when I became pregnant with my first child, I started a list of “essentials” I would need throughout my pregnancy and birth.
My European friends kept recommending these miraculous "breastfeeding seashells”.
I brought a pair home and started wearing them right after the birth of my son, to the amusement of hospital staff.
Nursing didn’t prove easy for us, but one thing I did not suffer from was the common issues many mothers seem to experience; such as sore or cracked nipples.
A lactation consultant I met to help with my “poor latching technique” was amazed by them and their results - she had never seen anything like it!
Other expecting and nursing moms found them beautiful and would ask me where I got them, but upon searching could not find them in the US.
That is why I decided to source seashells for American women.

About our Seashells

Shellies Breastfeeding Seashells® are a different kind of limpets than the original shells from Norway.
We source larger limpets from the Pacific Ocean.
The limpets are fished and farmed for food, such as in Hawaii where they call them Opihi, and the shells are usually discarded.
Once we have them polished inside and out at our artisanal workshop they are much flatter and smoother than their original Scandinavian cousins. They also happen to be beautiful!
Our priority is that mothers have only the softest surface against their skin and that the shells won’t damage bras.
The inside of our limpets are lined with mother of pearl, which is considered the great healer from the sea. Nacre has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and relaxing properties.