How Breastfeeding Seashells Work

How to use

Before first use, clean shells with gentle soap such as castile soap. Rinse well and air dry. Wash daily to remove dried milk residue.

After nursing, air your nipples for a few minutes then rub a little breast milk on as your milk has natural healing properties.

Place clean dry Shellies over nipple inside your bra. Your bra will hold the seashells in place.

Remove seashell from breast before nursing and be mindful as small amounts of milk may have accumulated in the shell.


Although sturdy, seashells can break if dropped, stepped on or pressed against a hard surface. The shell surface may also shatter slightly. Please continuously check the integrity of your seashells and discontinue use immediately if a seashell becomes damaged.

Do not wear for extended periods of time if you are not breastfeeding regularly such as overnight.

Do not let your baby play with the seashells.

If you think your nipples or areola are infected (you see blood and/or puss) please consult your doctor before using Shellies.

Discontinue use if you experience any form of discomfort.